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Pre-Anaesthetic Consultation (PAC)

A Pre-anaesthetic Consultation is required for the below conditions to ensure:

  • Patients state of health has been optimised
  • Preperation of an appropriate peri-operative management plan has be

**Please note a patient with the below condition/s booked for a procedure without a PAC, will be cancelled on the day of procedure to ensure patient safety.

  • Medications

    • Aspirin – (No need to stop)
    • Nexium – (Cease 5 days prior but if unable to stop inform on the day)
    • Iron – (Cease 5 days prior)
    • Plavix, Iscovar, Clopidogrel, Coplavix, Xeralto, Prasegrel, Pradexa, Warfarin & asasantin (book consult with proceduralist)
    • Taking more than 4 medications – Prescription & non Prescription

**Exclusion Criteria

There are a number of exclusion criteria to ensure we continue to provide a safe and high quality of patient care. Please see below key areas where patients are not suitable for a procedure at TEC:

  • BMI> 45;

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
  • Weight >140 Kgs;

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
  • Non-ambulant

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
  • Non-self-caring;

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
    • this may include:
      • Patients with cognitive impairment that may result in patient harm or inability to be able to follow instructions (during admission and post discharge instructions). e.g. neurological or developmental disorder/disability.
      • Patients who do not understand their healthcare rights
      • Patients who need assistance with walking or Activities of Daily Living
  • Patients at risk of aggression

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
  • Patients at risk of severe delirium

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
  • Patients assessed as an Infection Control e.g. patients identified as a CRE contact, patients who require airborne transmission-based precautions.

    • to be referred to Public Hospital
  • Suitability will be confirmed during pre-booking/pre-admission process. Any concerns to be discussed prior to booking with both nursing and medical personnel. Should a patient attend on the day of admission that does not meet admission criteria, they will be cancelled.

Services Provided

  • General Surgery
    • Pilonidal sinus
    • Ischiorectal abscess
    • Vasectomy
    • Ingrown toenail
    • SCC/BCC with split skin graft
    • SCC/BCC with postauricular graft
    • Incision and drainage of abscesses
    • Excision of lump and bumps under anaesthesia

    NOTE: patient will require a consultation prior to booking for a surgical procedure to assess suitability 


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